Simplicity® Digital Dimming Systems

Hunt Simplicity® Digital Dimming Rack


Tight on dimming space?

HUNT Dimming’s 12 circuit digital dimming rack is the industry’s smallest, lightest-weight, convection-cooled dimming panel!

Our Model SSD-12/20 is 29 inches tall and weighs 53 lbs.

HUNT panels are as small as 1/3 the size and as light as1/2 the weight of typical panels!

See how we compare. Download a size comparison and an actual-size template to see for yourself.


Decentralized microprocessor controlled dimming panels and control stations provide maximum flexibility and reliability. An excellent choice for architectural or daylighting applications.
Simplified wiring design speeds contractor installation. Speedier contractor installation saves money on the job
Factory-configured for easy installation; field programmability provides for quick on-site changes.
RS-485 network connection with two twisted-pair wiring (Belden 9729/9730, or equivalent) creates a simple daisy-chain layout.
RS-485 network supports up to 128 control stations and 256 dimming circuits, and interfaces with RS-232 and DMX-512 protocols.
UL and cUL 1472 Listed Products ensures on the job qualtiy and safety.

product information:

SSD Key Features
Simplicity®  SSD Key Features
Digital Dimming Systems Brochure
Simplicity®  Digital Dimming Systems Brochure
Digital Dimming System SSD-12/20
Simplicity®   Digital Dimming System SSD-12 circuit/20 amp Microprocessor Controlled Digital Dimming Panel
Digital Dimming System - Typical Configuration
Simplicity®   Digital Dimming System Typical System Configuration
Daylighting Overview
HUNT Dimming Daylighting Overview
Panel Size Comparison
Simplicity®  SSD Size Comparison

Simplicity®  SSD 12/20 Actual Size Templates:

SSD 12/20 Dimming Panel (actual size)
LCD Touchscreen (actual size)
Pushbutton Control Stations (actual size)

Simplicity® Control Stations

LCD Touchscreens

Cutting-edge LCD Touchscreens are available in many foreign languages, with international symbols or utilizing your AutoCAD layout drawings. Touchscreens provide visual and intuitive digital lighting control for single location operation, monitoring and programming of all lighting zones. The LCD control station may also be combined with a variety of pushbutton stations and I/R remotes for unlimited flexibility.

Pushbutton Digital Control

Pushbutton digital control stations provide flexibility and control. Each button may be programmed for preset scene, raise/lower, ON/OFF, fade, momentary or maintained contact. The thin profile designs fit in a standard wallbox and are available in standard or custom configurations.