Simplicity® Electronic Fluorescent Dimmers

Analog & Digital

Hunt Simplicity Digital Dimming Rack

HUNT Dimming manufactures a complete line of 0-10VDC controls and Phase-Control dimmers for use with controllable analog electronic fluorescent ballasts. These dimmers provide linear lighting control from 100% to 5% of rated lumen output and are available in single-pole or 3-way designs for both 120V and 277V applications. Simplicity® products are specification-grade, preset slide wallbox dimmers for use in low amperage applications controlling T8, T5 or CFL lamps.

High amperage applications are easily controlled with our "FD" modular systems which incorporate a unique wall mounted, Eclipsis style, single-point-of-control preset slide unit, with a remote mounted FD power module for controlling up to several hundred T8, T5 or CFL lamps.

In addition, HUNT manufacturers products compatible with the digital DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) protocol.

Typical Uses and Applications

Dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts can be accomplished through either 0-10VDC or Phase-Control analog technologies, or the digital DALI protocol. Any of these can be used in most dimming situations, but each has its own unique benefits.

Today, the most commonly used technologies are analog. Typically, if the application is energy-management in nature, 0-10VDC is more likely to be used. This scenario allows the user to tie the lighting together with occupancy or daylight sensors, building management systems or manual dimming controls.

If the applications is part of an architectural lighting scheme, such as dimming a conference room or an individual office, Phase-Control technology may be most appropriate. Here, the stand-alone dimming ballast with only a two wire connection allows for simple, cost-effective retrofits and excellent single location control.

An alternate technology, digital DALI, is best suited where a higher degree of individual lamp addressibility is required or the flexibility to easily provide for future lighting changes is desired.

If you have questions about which ballast technology might be best for your particular application, please contact our Customer Service Department for engineering assistance.

HUNT dims electronic fluorescent ballasts manufactured by:

For use with:

  • Philips / Advance
  • Osram / Motorola
  • Prescolite
  • Universal
  • MagneTek
  • ESI
  • GE
  • Tridonic
  • F32, F25 or F17 T8s & T5s
  • 26W quad 4-pin CFLs
  • 26W, 32W and 42W triple CFLs
  • FT40W long twin tubes


0-10 VDC
Analog: (two-wire)
Advance Mark X
Advance Mark X
Analog: (two-wire)

Simplicity ® Fluorescent Dimmer Features

  • Continuous, flicker-free dimming control from 100% to 5%
  • Operates 1,2,3 & 4 lamp compatible electronic ballasts for T8s, T5s and CFLs
  • Single point-of-control for use in low or high power applications
  • Specification-grade, preset designs or easy to operate, smooth slide or rotary controls
  • Available in single-pole or 3-way, 120V or 277V
  • Fits in standard 2" deep single-gang switch box
  • EPA affiliated ENERGY STAR Buildings Ally
  • Available in Ivory, White (standard colors), Brown, Black, or Gray (custom colors)
  • Limited one-year warranty.

product information:

Simplicity®  Electronic Fluorescent Dimming Controls Brochure

The three ballast technologies used in electronic fluorescent dimming (0-10VDC, Phase-Control and DALI) ARE NOT COMPATIBLE!

0-10VDC ballasts utilize a total of four (4) wires. Two low-voltage leads are for ballast control and two line voltage leads wires are for ON/OFF power control.

Phase-Control ballasts use the same two (2) wires to power the ballast and to control the light level.

DALI ballasts utilize a special wiring configuration that typically requires only a single set of shielded, twisted-pair, low-voltage wire.

It is critical that the dimmer and ballast be properly matched to each other... or the dimmer and ballast will not function properly... and component damage may result. If you have any application questions or concerns, please contact the factory for assistance before purchasing your electronic fluorescent dimming system components.

HUNT dims electronic fluorescent ballasts from Advance, OSRAM/Motorola, Prescolite, Universal,/MagneTek, ESI, GE and Tridonic.