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Simplicity® Simple solutions to your complex dimming problems.

HUNT Dimming has been a quality manufacturer of architectural dimming systems since 1960.  We understand that what you want is not always what others are able to provide.  This is why we manufacture a full line of dimming solutions that are flexible in design to meet your needs…from our state-of-the-art Simplicity® Series digital systems that answer the most demanding of architectural and energy management needs, including sophisticated closed-loop daylighting applications…to simple, easy-to-understand analog slides for basic dimming applications.  We also offer small, high-powered, modular “mini-systems” that give great value when the simplicity of single-point-of-control is desired.  And, of course, we stock more than 200 specialty and hard-to-find wallbox dimmers that ship same-day.

SimplicityŽ LED Controller 
LED Controller Technical Specs

HUNT Dimming.  Flexible Solutions.

Review our line of Digital Dimming Systems or Analog Dimming Systems.

Take a closer look at our Simplicity® Architectural Wallbox Dimmers.

HUNT also manufactures Simplicity® custom 277 Volt and 50 Hz controls for export.

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